WordPen is a free WordPress plugin that helps you embed pens from CodePen into any element on your site.

Introduction : Why WordPen?

CodePen is a wonderfully diverse world of front-end web experimentation in the form of user-submitted 'pens' - and while developers have access to each pen's source code, WordPress designers may wish to feature a pen in their layouts without needing to fully understand its structure, syntax, and dependencies.

This is where WordPen comes in - allowing WordPress users to embed a pen by simply copying a pasting a pen's URL.


WordPen is a free plugin that can be downloaded here:

Install that zip file in your WordPress Dashboard under Plugins → Add New.

Getting Started

After you have installed WordPen, you'll see a new menu item in your Dashboard titled WordPens.

Support for WordPen is provided via the WordPress repository. You may request an invite to the GSR Slack group: a place for GSR customers and community members to talk shop.