SoulType is a responsive typography manager for WordPress. Handle font sizes, styles, families, and scripts, all in one place – with carefully selected Google/Typekit pairings that make your pages look great right away.


Why SoulType?

SoulType was built to help make managing type easier, particularly for non-coders, on WordPress sites.

A site’s effectiveness can be diluted by poor typography: sizing, scale, contrast, range, and font choices demand, but don’t always get, enough attention, particularly on mobile builds.


After purchasing a SoulType license, you’ll receive an email with a link to download a zip file. Install that zip file in your WordPress Dashboard under Plugins → Add New.
After you have installed SoulType, you’ll see a new option in your Dashboard called SoulType, with a sub-item called License.


Visit that License page, and enter the license key you received when you bought SoulType. Hit Save Changes to save your license. You’ll now receive automatic updates as the plugin is improved over time.

Note: Always have a backup and restore solution ready before you install or update any plugins or themes. Not having one in place is asking for a seriously painful loss of work. I’ve been there, and it sucks. WP Engine has daily automatic backups and one-click restore points, so I recommend that as the easiest option (their hosting is solid as well).   

Getting Started

SoulType is designed to reduce the amount of time that it takes to pick elegant font pairings and style font sizes for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. The best way to get started is to load a preset configuration from the SoulType page.

Start here to load a preset configuration.

When you load a preset by selecting an option from the Choose a Preset Configuration menu and clicking Load Preset, SoulType’s forms will automatically populate with selectors, font sizes, and font families. If you save your changes (by clicking Save Changes), SoulType will write the correct CSS for your site, establishing a responsive typographic hierarchy of headings, paragraphs, links, lists, and other common HTML elements.


 Styles Tab

SoulType’s Styles Tab contains an infinite amount of style forms that save you the hassle of writing responsive CSS for common text elements. The style forms output CSS to your website, and they accept a number of inputs that inform the CSS output.


The Selector input accepts a comma-separated list of HTML elements (tags, classes, and IDs) that will receive teh styles defined in their form below.

Font Family

The Font Family input allows you to choose from one of three Global Fonts (defined in the right sidebar as Primary, Secondary, and Extra) or to define a Custom, prioritized, comma-separated list of one or more font family names of your own. Having this connection to a limited amount of Global Fonts helps you logically group similarly-styled elements together, so that you can make major changes to a design by switching the font-family in one Global input. Though you can add as many fonts as you wish, most simple designs benefit from 2-3 fonts at a maxiumum.

Responsive Style Tabs

SoulType, like other GSR products, is all about offering a multitude of design possibilities. SoulType presets are styled across four screen sizes (which correspond to common Phone, Tablet, Laptop, and Desktop screen widths), and inputs for Font Size, Font Weight, Line Height, Letter Spacing, Text Transform, and Margin are offered across these screen sizes.

SoulType's responsive values.

SoulType’s presets are a starting point for non-CSSers, but if you want to make tweaks to your type and you understand basic CSS property values (for example, making large headings significantly larger on Extra Large Desktop screens, or making h4 elements uppercase and letterspaced across the board), SoulType’s inputs give you this control.

Purchase Options

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Purchase GSR plugins individually or for a reduced bundle price. All licenses include one year of support and automatic updates & enhancements. Licenses may be renewed annually at a 40% discount.


The responsive typography plugin for WordPress.

Single Site License

2-5 Site License

Unlimited Site License


The responsive, capable layout tool for Beaver Builder.

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The next-level WordPress animation timeline plugin.

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The Soul Bundle

SoulSections, SoulMagic, and SoulType.

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