SoulType for Advanced Typography

SoulType is a WordPress plugin that makes advanced typography easy to implement and adjust.

Sizing type for different devices and finding elegant pairings requires hours upon hours of careful study and development. We baked all that research into SoulType, so you can instantly improve your site’s look and feel while keeping the focus on the content itself.

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Control all of your typography in one place.

Arbitrary font styling on a per-heading or per-paragraph basis introduces inconsistency, which can throw visitors off and make sites look amateurish. SoulType keeps all your typography organized on one screen, so per-element adjustments are applied sitewide.

Fine-tune with responsive units instead of pixels.

Great typography comes from a precise combination of pairings, sizes, weights, line height, letter spacing, transforms, and margins. SoulType allows you to fine tune and overwrite base type styles with pixels and responsive units (em, rem), so you’re never stuck with less-than-perfect defaults.

Hit the ground running.

We’ve done a crazy amount of typography research to prepare elegant SoulType configurations for you. Explore something traditional or get loose with a more expressive pairing. Everything is sized and styled already, so you can tweak away instead of starting from scratch.

Import and Export with ease.

Share custom configurations with the GSR community and save your hard work for other projects with SoulType’s import/export functionality.

Buying Options

Purchase our plugins individually or for a reduced bundle price. All licenses are good for one year and include support and automatic updates. Licenses may be renewed annually at a 30% discount.


The next-level WordPress animation timeline plugin.


The responsive, capable layout tool for Beaver Builder.


The responsive typography plugin for WordPress.

The SoulBundle

All three GSR plugins at one discounted price.

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