SoulSections is a responsive layout module for Beaver Builder. It’s designed to drastically speed up your site builds, make you a more capable designer, and give you and your clients/collaborators a more consistent editing experience – no matter what part of a page you’re building.


Why SoulSections?

There are a thousand different ways to build a website, and if you’re working with a page-building framework, you may find that

  • You’re responsible for building navigation, banners, text/image pairings, and other narrative pieces column by column and line by line, or you’re forced to accept inflexible defaults that can’t be easily customized
  • Advanced customization options (a.k.a. the ones that make websites go from amateurish to professional-grade) are limited, because it’s assumed the user can’t be exposed to anything too ‘CSS-y’
  • Settings can vary for each module/plugin in use, making it tough for clients and collaborators to learn where content lives and how to change it


SoulSections takes a different approach. It’s a tool that helps you quickly build well-designed combinations of text, imagery, and video, while keeping the door open for advanced styling and behaviors that benefit the user experience.

Since it can be used to build almost any container in a layout, you can assemble an entire site using SoulSections modules. This keeps you and your editors from having to go ‘input hunting’ when you want to make adjustments.


After purchasing a SoulSections license, you’ll receive an email with a link to download a zip file. Install that zip file in your WordPress Dashboard under Plugins → Add New.
After you have installed SoulSections, you’ll see a new option in your Dashboard → Settings called SoulSections2.


Visit that SoulSections2 page, and enter the license key you received when you bought SoulSections. Hit Save Changes to save your license. You’ll now receive automatic updates as the plugin is improved over time.

Note: Always have a backup and restore solution ready before you install or update any plugins or themes. Not having one in place is asking for a seriously painful loss of work. I’ve been there, and it sucks. WP Engine has daily automatic backups and one-click restore points, so I recommend that as the easiest option (their hosting is solid as well).   

Getting Started

The best way to get started with SoulSections is to explore the responsive templates and presets that are included with the plugin. You can find these presets in the Builder’s Content Tab.

Presets on two levels: Saved Rows and Saved Templates.

SoulSections has many input fields for content, styles, and behavior, which make it very capable – but with this capability comes a learning curve, and it’s much easier to learn by editing a preset configuration than it is to start from a completely blank slate.


SoulSections options reside in the Beaver Builder settings panel.

The SoulSections settings panel.

A short video explaining the Content Tab.

Content Tab and Structure

SoulSections content is managed in the Content Tab. SoulSections renders content inside an outer container that can hold an unlimited amount of inner content pieces called subsections. In turn, each subsection contains the following inputs:

  • Background Image/Video/HTML
  • Foreground Image/Video/HTML
  • The Core, which contains four editor inputs: Title, Tagline, Text, and Call to Action (CTA)

The ability to render a single subsection (such as a banner with text on top of a background image) or multiple subsections (such as a list of text/image features) is what gives SoulSections its versatility.


Purchase Options

Let’s build your site.

Purchase GSR plugins individually or for a reduced bundle price. All licenses include one year of support and automatic updates & enhancements. Licenses may be renewed annually at a 40% discount.


The responsive, capable layout tool for Beaver Builder.

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2-5 Site License

Unlimited Site License


The next-level WordPress animation timeline plugin.

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The responsive typography plugin for WordPress.

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The Soul Bundle

SoulSections, SoulMagic, and SoulType.

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