SoulSections for Responsive Layout

SoulSections is a capable, dynamic Beaver Builder module that gives you complete control over your responsive layouts.

Get sites built faster and build responsive layouts that non-coders can easily adjust. SoulSections is a drag-and-drop module that’s friendly to designers, developers, and content editors, and there’s little it can’t handle.

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One module that does pretty much everything.

Using a variety of different plugins and modules for different layout pieces can be downright confusing and inconsistent – especially for editors. SoulSections can build almost any front end structure: nav bars, banners, post feeds, carousels, text/image pairings, feature grids, and footers – all with the same familiar controls.  

Capable responsive styles that extend beyond pixels.

Need to use ems, rems, percentages, or viewport units? No problem. Use SoulSections' mobile-first approach to style your content like a pro. Apply flexbox styles at multiple levels (container > subsection > core), so your text and imagery sits exactly where you want it. 

Parallax, Pinning, Pop-ups and more.

No need to install extra plugins or write custom code to use advanced UI patterns and effects. SoulSections comes bundled with a variety of layout and effect options: background & foreground parallax, pinning (aka stickiness), menu and button shortcodes, height equalization, fading and sliding carousels, custom anchor scrolling, easy dialog creation and effects, lightboxes, rgba color pickers…the works.

Seamlessly integrated with SoulMagic and SoulType.

Our plugins talk to each other, and the results are greater than the sum of their parts. Animate your SoulSections content using SoulMagic's selector-free timeline integration, and use SoulType to apply beautiful typography that falls right in line with SoulSections headings, paragraphs, and buttons. It's like having an entire design department at your service. 

Buying Options

Purchase our plugins individually or for a reduced bundle price. All licenses are good for one year and include support and automatic updates. Licenses may be renewed annually at a 30% discount.


The responsive, capable layout tool for Beaver Builder.


The next-level WordPress animation timeline plugin.


The responsive typography plugin for WordPress.

The SoulBundle

All three GSR plugins at one discounted price.

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