SoulMagic is a WordPress plugin for building professional animations without writing JavaScript.

SoulMagic animates WordPress. It helps you create precise animation timelines, build custom effect combinations, and fire your animations in response to user events, all without writing a line of code.

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Craft top-notch animations that will make your content pop off the page.

Breathe life into static content and impress your clients and visitors. Animate anything you can dream up, and craft elegant sequences at just the right time in your narrative.

Take complete control over both individual and grouped elements.

Go beyond boring defaults and introduce related elements with staggered progressions. Animate grouped items to create clear, smooth focal paths.

Smoothly animate on page scroll, hover, and slide changes – all with the same familiar controls.

Use a consistent interface to design animations in response to common front end events (not just page scrolling), making your site visitors excited to click through and convert.

Leverage helpful presets and use import/export to share animations with the community.

Skip the learning curve and get started right away with several pre-made timelines that you can tweak, save, and share with other GSR customers. 

Buying Options

Purchase our plugins individually or for a reduced bundle price. All licenses are good for one year and include support and automatic updates. Licenses may be renewed annually at a 30% discount.


The next-level WordPress animation timeline plugin.


The responsive, capable layout tool for Beaver Builder.


The responsive typography plugin for WordPress.

The SoulBundle

All three GSR plugins at one discounted price.

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