Integrated site-building tools

Codeless content editing meets developer-friendly customization.

Websites are digital conversations: they offer introductions, tell stories, and use styles and behaviors to shape inflection and tone.

These tools will help you craft elegant, productive exchanges on the web – without getting lost in code.


For responsive layout

GSR’s flagship layout module for Beaver Builder, SoulSections makes it easy to construct clean and simple page/post layouts in seconds. Use it to build parallax banners, carousels,¬†navigation systems, pinned sidebars, responsive columns, popups, footers, and more.


For high-performance animations

With SoulMagic, you don’t need to know JavaScript to customize and schedule eye-catching animation patterns for your content. With multi-selectable effect properties, stagger controls, and import/export functions, you can fine-tune (and save) the perfect animations to make your site stand out.


For responsive typography

Sizing type for different devices and finding elegant pairings requires hours upon hours of careful study and development. I baked all that research into SoulType: just choose a preset and your fonts will be immediately improved on all devices.


A free custom theme for GSR sites

When you’re using a page-building module like SoulSections, your theme needs to get out of the way. GSR01 does just that – providing a clean slate from which to start your builds.¬†