About GSR

I founded Ginger Soul Records on the principle that non-techies should be able to create value on the web without spending a ton of money & time learning complex programs and/or coping with snarky developers.*

* not all devs are snarky, but I ain’t exactly going out on a limb here.

My name’s Dave Bloom, and I’ve spent the last 5+ years solving technical problems for people: designing and building websites, offering usability and digital strategy consulting, and bridging the ever-widening gap between those who are overwhelmed by web technology/design and those who embrace it.

I bridge these gaps by designing tools and recording tutorials that help people solve website problems that would otherwise require coding. I don’t expect anyone to become fully proficient in code if they don’t take joy in it – though there’s always a benefit to learning a little HTML/CSS if you’re working on the web.

It’s like changing a tire – you may not dig working on cars full time, but there’s a level of maintenance that keeps you out of trouble, so you can pick up a few skills while your car company and your mechanic handle the heavy lifting.

I chose web design (and, subsequently, WordPress) as the platform for my work because websites are both extremely lucrative and extremely complex business tools, and I feel an obligation as an ‘interpreter’ to de-mystify the complex stuff.  If I can help people get comfortable with communication tools that can change their lives for the better and allow them to tap into the ocean of information and opportunity that surrounds us, I feel like I’m making a difference. That difference – that dent in the universe – gets me up in the morning, as does my dog, Murray, because he needs a walk.

Dave BloomThe author and his creative team


You may be wondering where the name Ginger Soul Records comes from. It’s a mix of things: part meme, part invocation, the fact that I didn’t feel like settling on ‘Dave Bloom Design Corp,’ and also because there’s some music stuff in the works.

Maybe when you think of soul, a redheaded web developer isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. I think of James, Marvin, Sam, Aretha, Erykah, Otis, Stevie, D’Angelo, Dilla, Donny, and Amy. That’s deliberate. I can’t sing for shit, but I like to consider this medium my microphone, this page a verse.

The website tools I produce are part of a bigger plan to open more expressive doors on the web. I’m working to assist those interested in spending less of their ‘web time’ consuming, arguing, shopping, looking at advertising, taking pictures of their breakfast or their butt, to instead composing, doodling, sequencing, sharing, creating value for others, exploring a new hobby, or laying the foundations for a whole new career.

Ideally, some of this shift can be expressed with websites. Websites are like your own private island. A website you design can show the world who you are, what you create, and what you support. It can make data connections to improve your livelihood. It can introduce you to new friends across the world. And it needs to be more unique than what a media company decides you can place in a profile or within a template.

This website is my island, and though I’m still decorating my hut, I hope you’ll find what you need to build yours.