Developer-friendly tools that take your WordPress sites further.

We make front-end tools that help intermediate WordPress developers build beautiful, effective websites – faster and without complex code. Make clients happy, increase your hourly rate, and join a vibrant community of soulful creatives.

Better WordPress websites, faster.

Craft delightful front-end interfaces without spending months learning advanced CSS and JavaScript. Our plugins help you deliver agency-quality layouts that you can modify with ease.

SoulMagic for Advanced Animations

Make static content come alive.

Content animations don’t just look cool – they can guide visitor focus and give a unique voice to a design, increasing engagement and conversions. SoulMagic makes it easier to build, tweak, organize and share advanced WordPress content animations, without writing a line of JavaScript.

SoulType for Responsive Typography

Designer typography, done for you.

Responsive font sizing, hierarchy, and pairings can make or break a website design, and few themes/plugins give you the options you need to get just the right look. SoulType’s presets get you started with great-looking pairings, and everything is responsively styled in advance. Better yet, you can control all of your typography in one place, making site-wide adjustments a breeze.

SoulSections for Beaver Builder

Effective layouts that your clients can actually edit.

Get your work done faster and build layouts that non-coders can easily adjust. Drag and drop responsive navigation bars, banners, text/image pairings, carousels, footers, and well-aligned feature grids from SoulSections’ preset library – and explore a variety of additional layout features that otherwise require separate plugins and custom code.

Accelerate your development process and make clients happy.

Increase your efficiency, impress clients, and share dynamic content and style configurations with a growing community of creatives.

Build Sites Crazy Fast

Start with a robust, responsive foundation that you can instantly import and edit. Then follow our video walkthroughs to go from a blank canvas to a presentable mockup in minutes.

Empower your Clients

Give your clients the confidence to edit their content without getting frustrated with complex code or some cheapo theme’s options. They’ll appreciate it – and refer you business.

Import / Export Everything

Our plugins help you build a library of re-usable animation/type/layout configurations. Share presets with the community and repurpose your hard work for future projects.

See our plugins in action. On actual sites.

Don’t settle for flattened screenshots and pie-in-the-sky theme demos. We’re not afraid to show you real, live websites built with these tools – we’re actually quite proud to do so.

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Being able to edit and customize our site easily without knowing a single line of code is a designer’s dream.

April Qi, Designer, Worn

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Working with GSR has been a joy and an excellent experience. One of my friends that is a veteran of numerous national political campaigns said that my website “is the best local campaign site I have ever seen.” Thanks to GSR, I have exceeded my funding goals and my campaign is off to a tremendous start.

Gabe Albornoz, County Council Candidate

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Working with GSR is always such a pleasure and a great learning experience! SoulSections, in particular, has helped me edit our website with ease – and with no knowledge of coding! GSR takes the time to empower you with the tools and confidence you need to edit and update your own website efficiently and conveniently.

Sarah Dressel, Senior Associate, LeaderFit

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