Front-end tools for Beaver Builder designers.

Soul Plugins help you build professional & responsive layouts, sequence beautiful animations, and apply elegant typography to your Beaver Builder sites.

Want to see the tools in action? Let's build a layout.

Quicker Beaver Builder Layouts with SoulSections

Mock up a responsive layout in seconds, with one module.

If you're struggling with the complexity of a responsive layout design, SoulSections can help you get something simple and effective built fast - so you can focus on content and narrative.

In this video, we start by building a clean, responsive layout with SoulSections - in about a minute.

Why use SoulSections?

Learning and negotiating dozens of modules, columns, and advanced settings can slow your workflow and produce scattered, inconsistent results.

SoulSections takes a grouped approach to page-building. You can leverage a library of pre-populated sections that have been carefully designed to complement one another, and make your layouts more cohesive. 

Professional WordPress Animation with SoulMagic

Add stunning animations to bring static layouts to life.

Clients asking for pop? Easily add agency-quality content animations to your layouts, without writing a line of JavaScript.

Using SoulSections? We've built a few smooth animation timelines to get you started, and we're happy to help you adjust your timings to get things just right.

Why use SoulMagic?

You don't have to master JavaScript to sequence amazing animations on a WordPress site.

Apply beautiful cascading content entry effects, add mobile-friendly parallax to anything, and combine SoulMagic with SoulSections to add slickness to sliders, pop-ups, and hovers.

New: Build your own multi-selectable animation properties to match your site's vibe, and tweak everything without touching a line of code.

Professional WordPress Typography with SoulType

Implement top-shelf typography, instantly.

Got giant headlines crowding your mobile design? Stuck using Open Sans for headlines?

Boost your site's credibility and maintain responsive type styles in one place. SoulType incorporates years of best practices to give your design a refined vibe that stays true to your voice.

Choose a responsive type preset for a more distinguished tone. No arbitrary font sizing here - everything is done for you. 

Build live mockups in seconds and get sites launched faster.

Create more value with less work. Our well-designed presets help you skip multi-module chaos and CSS headaches so you can get professional designs out the door.

Save money that you'd otherwise drop on an expert.

Consider Soul Plugins your super-powered contract designer/developer. Our suite (and our support) reflects years of meticulous agency work that'd cost you thousands elsewhere.

Make your Beaver Builder sites look more professional.

It's not easy to create professional work with amateur-facing tools, so most page-built sites look less than stellar. We're here to level up your layouts so you can be proud to show them off, even at early stages.

Let's get building.

Get the Plugins.

Ready to throw down and build better sites? Soul Plugins can be bought a la carte or bundled for a discount. 

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