Build pro websites, without writing code.

Get online in style, sell services with confidence, and make money while you sleep. Ginger Soul Records makes WordPress tools to help you create modern websites in minutes.  

It only takes a minute to build vibrant, mobile-friendly websites with GSR tools. View this site.

A drag & drop workflow, optimized by a designer.

If you don't have a website, or if your current website needs a refresh, you may cringe at the amount of time, money, and patience that it takes to launch a top-notch website - not to mention handling all the small details that separate amateur and professional designs.

We've got your back. Our integrated layout, animation, and typography tools - in the form of WordPress plugins - can help you draw up a responsive website foundation with all of the details baked in, so you can get moving quickly without breaking the bank.

Build sites faster.

Time is money. Spend less of it waiting for a professional to work their magic on your site design, implement a nifty front-end feature, or edit what you've already published. Launch bright ideas as opportunities present themselves.

Build sites cheaper.

A well-designed, fine-tuned website build usually costs at least $1000 from start to finish. With GSR, this careful work is coded into our products, so you can get an agency-quality foundation set up for less than $300. 

Build sites better.

Page-builders can produce unrefined and ‘bloggish’ results as DIYers are left to make arbitrary, inconsistent design decisions. Our plugins work together to encourage cleaner, more elegant designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

An integrated approach.

Most WordPress websites are cobbled together with design tools from a dozen different publishers. This can introduce conflicts of functionality and feel, as even the slightest inconsistency can interrupt a narrative's flow.

GSR plugins don't just work beautifully together - they talk to each other, so their functional results are far greater than the sum of their parts.


A polished mobile experience, out of the box.

Designing great phone and tablet experiences involves more than vertically stacking your site content and placing navigation out of reach. GSR presets leverage navigation and layout patterns design styled for mobile use. 

Meet the Suite.

Three WordPress plugins that will take your web game to the next level. 

You don't have to guess where your content lives. Click, edit, save, done.

SoulSections for Layout

Edit content as fast as inspiration strikes.

With SoulSections, you don't need to root around in HTML nor call a developer to make changes to your content. Just click on an element, swap text and imagery, and publish.

SoulSections is flexible, so you can use it to build an entire layout: parallax banners, fading and sliding carousels, navigation bars, and footers. Less modules to learn = easier editing and more consistency, which helps a design hang together better.  

SoulSections is an extension for Beaver Builder, a page builder for WordPress.

Multi-select effect transition properties and build your own animations library without writing a line of code.

SoulMagic for Effects

Compose animations that bring your site to life.

Go beyond simple scrolling fade effects. SoulMagic provides you with a code-free environment to build custom animations for your content. Need an attention-grabbing flip, a subtle staggered entry, a lively bounce, or a cinematic Ken Burns effect on a banner background? It's all a few clicks away. 

SoulType comes with Google Font and Typekit presets, so you can swap around and get the perfect look for your copy.

SoulType for Responsive Typography

Expert font pairings and sizing, without the CSS.

Inconsistent or boring type can make a solid narrative fall flat. SoulType takes the hard coding out of selecting pairs and sizing type for multiple devices. Need a more formal look? Something a little friendlier? Explore different combinations with ease.

Let's build your site.

Ready to boost your web design game, start a side biz, or breathe new life into an aging design? Purchase GSR plugins individually or for a reduced bundle price. All licenses include one year of support and automatic updates & enhancements. Licenses may be renewed annually at a 30% discount.



The responsive, capable layout tool for Beaver Builder.

Single Site License


2-5 Site License


Unlimited Site License



The next-level WordPress animation timeline plugin.

Single Site License


2-5 Site License


Unlimited Site License



The CSS-free responsive typography plugin for WordPess.

Single Site License


2-5 Site License


Unlimited Site License


SoulSections, SoulMagic, and Soultype Bundle

The trio of GSR tools that help you build 4-figure websites on a 3-figure budgets.

Single Site License


2-5 Site License


Unlimited Site License


Need WordPress hosting?

Park your site with peace of mind. All GSR client websites, including this one, use WP Engine for hosting. Optimized caching, daily backups, one-click restore points, and 24/7 phone support make WPE a no-brainer. Their personal plan ($29) is all you need to get started. 

Buying SoulSections? Get Beaver Builder.

300,000 people can't be wrong - BB is the best page-builder for WordPress, and the quickest way for a non-coder to build a website. The standard package ($99) is required if you want to build sites with SoulSections.